About Us

Who We Are


Rashtriya Antyodaya Sangh (RAS) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) committed towards the betterment of the society through philanthropic and community based initiatives by roping in Government, local bodies, corporates and voluntary organizations. We act as facilitators to the public welfare schemes and initiatives undertaken for the upliftment of the underprivileged. In the complex process of relegation, poor people facing the parameters of exclusion and inclusion are pushed to the margin of society and get striped of from the economic, social and cultural benefits.

The man-made unrealistic structure of hierarchy gives birth to unequal relationship leading to deprivation, discrimination and domination. Caste, creed, religion, race gender, patriarchy, legitimize the process of marginalization. As a matter of fact, existing developmental strategies haven’t been of much substance in putting an end to such deprivation. Socio economic opportunities are a far cry for such marginalized people who are worst victims of existing systems of development.

We at RAS aim towards an equal India, free from poverty, unemployment and dirt. We seek to facilitate NGOs in being more pro-active and encourage them to serve the underprivileged to the best of their capabilities by hand holding them and guiding them through all stages of their social projects.


What we do


In pursuit of healthier, cleaner and stronger India, RAS will be providing its full commitment to the cause of nation building through country’s most valuable resource – “its people”.

RAS is committed to triggering large scale initiatives to provide support to existing governmental and social welfare schemes while also launching its own social upliftment events from time to time for the cause of nation building.